Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haiti Relief

In this new year, I'm keeping up with a renewed commitment to blogging~I've been doing great at reading others, but not so great in writing my own. However, the whole Haiti situation has prompted me to come back to writing. I can't go there, but I can donate my time, and love, and talents, so I'm giving 25% of the sales in my shop through Feb. 14 to Haiti. One of the churches I served has been sending teams for years, and I'm excited about contibuting to the team going this April. One of my items that has sold 17 times in less than 2 weeks, is all about LOVE, and what does that truly mean, if not reaching beyond ourselves and our little comfort zone to those who need it the most. You can see some of the items featured in the column to your right...and my announcement page has the direct link where my 25% is going. There are also many other talented etsy artists creating and donating too. Check it out~but I warn you, etsy is addictive, especially to us creative, artsy types.....You were warned!